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[Spray Applied Fireproofing] The application of protective coatings continues to advance to new levels of sophistication. Today the contractor must be alert and ready to handle the latest methods of surface preparation and coatings application, worker safety and protection, plus environmental concerns.

Peintures Premieres' goal is to cost effectively apply passive fire protection materials that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and the expectations of our customers. We use A/D FIREFILM®III fireproofing materials for structural steel and concrete as well as, fire stopping products for the protection of openings where building services penetrate fire rated assemblies.

::::::::::: Fireproofing Project Types

  • Airports & Hangars
  • Government Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • Laboratories

  • Casinos
  • Cultural Centers
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Transportation facilities
  • Stadiums, Arenas & Recreation Centers
  • Malls & Retail Spaces
  • Education Complexes
  PeinturesPremiere.com   ::::::::::: A/D FIREFILM®III, the third generation leading water based thin-film intumescent fire resistive coating system for structural steel. A/D FIREFILM III offers higher ratings, broader range of steel sizes and reduced thicknesses. It allows designers to expose the structure as an art form with the appearance of painted steel, yet provides fire-resistance ratings up to 3 hours. When exposed to fire, A/D FIREFILM III intumesces, which means it increases greatly in volume and thickness. The result is a merengue-like insulation which protects the steel from the fire. A/D Colorcoat, available in a wide range of colors, is an integral part of the A/D FIREFILM III system.

::::::::::: Applications & Features
A/D FIREFILM®III is intended for use on structural steel at interior locations where fire-resistance ratings are required. Steel surfaces to receive A/D FIREFILM®III are cleaned and primed with a compatible primer. The product is applied only by trained authorized application contractors. A/D FIREFILM®III is water-based and user-and-environmentally friendly. Paint-like in its application, the coating is very thin compared to other fireproofing products. There is less dimensional intrusion into valuable building space and less conflict with other construction details and trades. The dry film thickness range is typically 0.016-in. to 0.130-in. (0.4mm to 3.3mm). The A/D FIREFILM®III system provides a smooth, dust-free, durable, hard, impact-and-abrasion-resistant surface.
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